Saturday, January 24, 2009

Working together

Making things happen outside of your department can be challenging as well as depend on your corporate culture, lines of communication, and relationships between leaders. How do production staff view engineering staff? How is your product development group viewed by your manufacturing team? Having a member of the manufacturing team in your product development launch group may not be enough to enable smooth transition into production nor capture accurate anticipated costs.

Frequent communication and strong personal relationships foster strong teams and will create more successful product launches. Regularly scheduled planning meetings including all members along with frequent timely reporting go a long way! Bring colleagues in early before potential failures become issues. Sticking to an agenda, allowing honest feedback, and utilizing the team in brainstorming for issues and solutions will encourage a collective effort. A walk out to the production floor visiting the production manager, future production staff, the maintenance personal, manufacturing and quality staff (you get the idea) to explain the progress of your project is invaluable.

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