Tuesday, February 9, 2010

good ol' days PART II

I once worked in a company that was very fast paced. Everyday we were pushed to hurry, pushed to do more, and pushed for results.

It was tiring in hindsight, my youth absorbing the 80 hour work weeks and high intensity. Luckily we were led by an amazing group of people and moral was high. Small incentives were plentiful as was recognition and project autonomy.
How hard would you work at something you loved?

Is it necessary to love your work?

As I reflect on my professional life, it is the projects I found most meaningful where I had the most input and where bonds with colleagues forged deeper as we worked diligently together each contributing as we knew how.

Each day and every project we take on will become a part of our past life. These are the best days.

These are my best days.

These are your best days.

These are the good old days.

How does this knowledge change how or what you're working on?

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