Tuesday, March 30, 2010


What’s Safe For Work?

Seth Godin wrote a little query about this.

I’m sure you get them, personal emails to your work address. It continually surprises me how many people still do not establish nor use their personal email for cutesy forwards. If you’re lucky, the sender will warn you not to open up in your workplace as the contents will be visually or audibly distasteful. This is typically abbreviated with, “NSFW”.

Seth counters with a marvelous idea to consider what is SFW. What is safe for your work?

What is great?

What are the good ideas to consider in the work place? I’m talking about the things to do when considering the great ideas and people you come across of course.

If I were to start a list, it might look like this:

  • Considering where your colleagues are coming from when they express an idea or opinion.

  • Honoring the devil’s advocate point of view so to improve upon your original idea.

  • Giving the benefit of the doubt to everyone.

  • Asking questions first before jumping to conclusions (before jumping down a colleague’s throat)

  • Realizing that the people you’ve grown to dislike for one reason or another (perhaps because they don’t get what is SFW!) do not simply ‘go away’.

  • Letting go of your colleague’s faults, accepting them as they are, utilizing and taking advantage of their strong suits.

  • Focusing on your strengths to better yourself and move the company forward.

What more would you add that is SFW?

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