Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why it's so hard to do new things

Continuing my review of the 2007 MIT Management Conference, I listened to educator, Rebecca Henderson talk about why it's so difficult to make changes in a company.

Her words rang all too clear relative to a recent project I'm working on. If your company is bleeding, there are two things you can do:

  1. blame the lazy people who work for you - after all, the last time you pushed them, they came through for you. (so the problem must be with them)
  2. work really really hard so there isn't time to make decisions

There are really two theories Rebecca talks about and she's spot on:

The first one is: "There's a problem let's fix it"

The second says, "We have a problem, someone is screwing up, let's go beat them up"

The funny thing about the second theory is that (if it were even appropriate to use this option!) the wrong person is beat up.

If the problem is to be truly solved, we have to start looking at the first theory and make long lasting change.

I have two steps for you:

Spend a very worthwhile hour listening:

Call me.

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  1. Great posts! Just caught up on the last few! Hope you are happily productive and doing well :)L


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