Tuesday, November 2, 2010


When you participate:

  • you effect,
  • you change,
  • you experience.

As much as we’re the same, I find that we’re also very much unique in how we approach oppor- tunities and problems.  (For example, several of you will look at those two words and think them the same thing)

This unique quality is what I love about working in teams.  Team work simply makes whatever it is you’re working on better.  Constructive participation by everyone creates trust, confidence, momentum, and a better product.

Similarly, participation in our community will make everything better too –

  • If you volunteer, you directly effect the quality of someone’s life
  • If you donate, you increase the security of someone’s life
  • If you help your neighbor, your relationship is stronger, he’s encouraged to help someone else, your neighborhood is better, and it spreads.
  • If you vote, your country will have leaders who represent its views

In my opinion of course.

Please vote today.

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