Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ground breaking

Catching up on interesting speakers from the 2007 MIT Innovations in Management Conference, I found two things: 1)I love the short TED talks! 2)a few people extolling the virtues of self reflection and a need for self understanding to become better leaders.

Check out Otto Scharmer's talk here.

Otto speaks in open terms but lays the foundation for companies teaching the benefits of defining your strengths. For a good decade we've all been aware of how focusing on your strengths is far superior to focusing on what you're not good at.

What do you do next when you know your strengths?

Part of this question is answered once you know more about where your strengths pop - or reveal themselves. I'm talking about private thinking, social interactions, action, etc.

Improvement through coaching to performance goals using your hard wired strengths to identify the way forward is groundbreaking. Check out this website for more information - or email me.

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