Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's wrong

There is a lot of focus on fixing what is wrong in our businesses.






I do this in my business. In fact, I get a lot of business to come in to ‘fix’ what is wrong.

As a kid I learned fast to make do with what I was given. I learned to make do with what was known. I learned how to fix what was broken. I learned that their is always a positive solution.

I still apply this thinking and these lessons today making something work or developing something new with known quantities and information. Even in development, we know a lot – and are simply leveraging the little bit we know to solve or create something unique.

I dare say in focusing on what is ‘safe’, to focus on what is ‘great’, we thereby focus on what makes us strong as well as the strengths of others.

By focusing on what is good and expanding on what makes you great now, we can move forward to an even better place.

A better place to work.

A better colleague to work with.

A better team to leverage.

A better product.

A bigger bank account.

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